In 1 jaar meer dan 500 boeken verkocht

Ik ben hier heel blij mee. In één jaar tijd zijn er van mijn boek dus ruim 500 boeken verkocht via de boekhandels. De boeken die afgezet zijn via vrienden, kennissen en cursisten zijn hier niet meegeteld. Het werk is dus zeker niet voor niks geweest.

Intussen ben ik bezig aan de engelstalige versie waar ook een nieuw hoofdstuk over consilience aan wordt toegevoegd. Dit is de inleiding van dat hoofdstuk :

14 Consilience

From Wikipedia:

In science and history, consilience (also convergence of evidence or concordance of evidence) is the principle that evidence from independent, unrelated sources can “converge” on strong conclusions. That is, when multiple sources of evidence are in agreement, the conclusion can be very strong even when none of the individual sources of evidence is significantly so on its own. Most established scientific knowledge is supported by a convergence of evidence: if not, the evidence is comparatively weak, and there will not likely be a strong scientific consensus.

In this book, starting with the scientific revolutions of de 17th century and, following the threads of its developing history until today, we have arrived at a perhaps baffling and remarkable result, hard science – physics – today is not in conflict with the idea of the existence of an of the body independent consciousness, also called the survival hypothesis. On the contrary, it supports it.

However, should this idea only surface after studying quantum physics and nowhere else in the science domain, this support would be as whacky as a table supported by only one leg. Therefore, the question is, is survival supported by published scientific research in other domains? Indeed, it is. Some of this research was already mentioned in preceding chapters. It is time now to pay a little bit more attention to all published and reviewed evidential material concerning consciousness being independent of the material body.